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Lonely married women

Lonely Married Women – Since the advent of the internet, lonely married women all around the world have flocked to it’s many forums and communities. Some people have found this surprising. It is surprising to a lot of people, married and single, because traditionally, society tends to see the man as the culprit hiding in the shadows and lurking through online sex sites.

These days, it is both married men and women who have had enough playing by the rules and have decided that their own individual happiness must come first. Unhappily married women are no longer willing to be the victim of their unfaithful husbands.LonelyMarriedWomenimage

Married dating men have had it too good for far too long, down through the centuries, in all cultures, a blind eye has been turned towards the cheating man, while unhappily married women were rarely given a thought. Since, most notably, the 1960s, women have become more sexually aware, more willing to express not only their opinions on every day matters but also on their own sexual wants and needs. Lonely married women these days are a far different entity then they were just 60 years ago.

Are there any lonely married women left?

It is common place now for a woman to hold a degree or phd, to be an expert in her field of study and hold the highest position in the corporate work force, in some countries the highest office in the land, so why would society believe that when it comes to the sexual needs of a woman that she would be just willing to rollover and stay in a relationship where that need is not being fullfilled?

Throughout the internet there are countless numbers of married online dating sites, where men can go to find married women looking for affairs, and women can go to meet meet men and women seeking the same happiness as themselves. We have even seen a few of the more recognized affair dating sites on programs as Oprah or Dr. Phil.

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The bottom line is that Lonely Married Women have discovered that they are in hot demand by men, that they can have every happiness in life that they desire, they have no need to be loyal to a man or woman with whom they have no sexual relationship with anymore, or maybe just no desire to be with this person anymore. It is ok to want to be with someone else, to want to get your lust for life back, as the old cliche goes, you only live once, so why not be as happy as you can be during that one life?

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Having an Affair | How to have an affair

Having an Affair


Relationships are based on trust, loyalty, and faith and of course, love. If there is lack of any of these, for example if a married person is having an affair, then the relationship obviously becomes rotten and there remains little point in continuing to have it.

There is a fine line between having an affair and remaining friendly with someone of the opposite sex. Different people may have different outlooks on this, but most will perhaps agree that having an affair is not just about sleeping with someone other than your spouse or lover. There are different kinds of infidelities, but they all can be broadly categorized into mental and physical forms of cheating. Every relationship has a different structure, and apart from the ones which are called ‘open relationships’, in every other romantic relationship, trust, love and loyalty are main criteria. The difficulty arises when trying to decide what exactly is equivalent to having an affair.

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Are most people having an affair?havinganaffairimage

For most people, it would be getting into an illicit, intimate physical relationship with ‘another one’. That viewpoint remains undisputed, but there can be controversies as to when exactly a close and intimate ‘friendship’ between your spouse and his/her friend of the opposite gender, turns into an affair, even without them getting physical. For example, frequent meetings, romantic or over-affectionate message exchanges, and lengthy communications over phone, chat or emails may be signs of having an affair.

Other symptoms of an affair may be not returning phone calls or coming home late at nights or lying about certain things (like you may catch your lover or spouse with a boyfriend or girlfriend, as the case may be, in a restaurant even though you were told that he/she was going somewhere else) or even resuming contact with the ‘ex’. Irregular changes in behavior or frequent buying of new clothes may be signs of having an affair.

Is your friend having an affair?

So, what if indeed someone’s spouse is having an affair? If the partner is very loving, faithful and caring, then this can be devastating for the soul. Many people break down emotionally and some even need medical attention because of the immense mental suffering. Some may take it much less personally and may move on, while others can totally lose it, understandably so.

However, sometimes having an affair is the only way out, and this can be true for women mainly. In Western Culture, divorce is pretty common when marriages do not work, hence eliminating the need for affairs, but in certain cultures, lonely women are quite oppressed and are forced to get married against their own will, often with much older men, whom they did not even know. These men in some particular communities may have multiple wives even, while still others may be cruel, rude and even wife-beating husbands. In such societies, if a woman engages in adultery, it is conceived as a sin, but from a moral standpoint, it can be said that the woman was not at fault.

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Extra marital affair dating

Extra marital affair

There was a time when marriage was one of the most sacred institutions in the society. Things like the extra marital affair were simply unheard of.  People believed that a marriage tied two souls for not just one lifetime, but many lifetimes all together. However, while it did mean that people respected their wedding vows and stayed married till the day they died, it also meant that many a times a woman would be trapped in a loveless, abusive marriage simply because the society frowned upon a marital affair. After that, came a time when the society progressed. Love and temptation did lead to many a marital affair but since the society had still not changed its views about an extra marital affair, these were secretive. Mostly, it was the men who looked for pleasure outside their marriage. Or sometimes, it was also the desire to have children when a man was stuck with a barren wife. However, a woman who had any kind of relation with a married man or a marital affair was still looked down upon and never truly accepted in the society.

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The society and the extra marital affair

As the world progressed, the society could no longer refuse the existence of the extra marital affair site. As more and more women stepped extramaritalaffairwebsiteout of the house and started having a career of their own, more and more marriages started disintegrating. There is no one reason that leads to a marital affair. A couple who might have just fallen out of love with one another can look for love outside their marriage. A couple who never get time to spend together because of their hectic jobs can find love in unaccepted places. Sometimes, a marital affair is not about love at all. It’s about rebelling against your spouse because he or she isn’t spending enough time with you. While the society is quote aware that these kinds of affairs exist, they remain a secret till date.

An extra marital affair date

Today, almost half the marriages that happen every year in the world disintegrate within two years. Sometimes the couple is not compatible but more often than not, it is the temptation of a extra marital affair dating that ruins a marriage. Today, both men and women who are looking for a successful career and aiming to reach high in life actually look out for a married partner. The reason is simple – A married partner is going to be less demanding about time and space. Someone who is married will not expect too much attention, never have too much time and will never become a serious distraction from work. This makes a marital affair even more appealing. There was a time when women would only look for a relationship because they wanted to settle down and get married. Today, the scenario has changed a lot. A married women looking extra marital affair is the perfect way to get companionship, good company and a person who liked spending time with you without ever getting married. In fact, a single man might pose a trouble for an ambitious woman because he might want to tie her down with marriage or extra marital affair and kids. A marital affair offers her a certain kind of freedom, that allows her to give her hundred percent to her career.


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Married Women Looking For Married Men

Married Women Looking For Married Men Dating Site

It is not uncommon to find married women looking for married men. Often, relationships do not work out and then people try to find satisfaction elsewhere.

Marriage is considered an institution and a sacred bonding between two individuals by many, and to them married women looking for married men might really look shocking. But to those who are open to options and place happiness before anything else, this might not seem too surprising at all.marriedwomenlookingformarriedmenimage

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Married women looking for married men breaking up marriages?

Marriages are relations where the couples pledge to remain loyal and affectionate to each other. But as it often turns out, the marriage doesn’t work out and there brews a tremendous amount of dissatisfaction in both. In fact, the situation may turn really nasty and the couple may even start hating each other. It becomes intolerable and then the wife may start looking for a man who can give her the same pleasures of physical love but without any strings attached. That is why it is not uncommon to find married women looking for married men.

But one may think why married women would prefer married men mostly? There is a concrete reason for that. Married women looking for married men are naturally a little shy and circumspect when it comes to fixing dates with other men, as questions like “What does he think of me?” or “Does he think that I have a bad character?” would surely be clogging their minds. The problem is that if the man is unmarried, then he might not like the prospect of dating or getting involved in a relationship with a married woman. The woman too would not want to face that kind of an embarrassment.

Married women looking for married men – who is to blame?

Another obvious reason for this is that married women looking for married men would naturally feel comfortable while trying to establish a relation with a person who is on a level playing field. In other words, if the man is also married and is in a similar unsatisfactory relationship, then he is much more likely to understand the woman’s predicament. In fact, if the man and the woman happen to share some common interests, then there would be a much better chance of a relationship blossoming. Also, married men are experienced in lovemaking as well!

The above are some of the reasons why we find many married women looking for married men. The reason why they start looking for flings or involvements beyond their marriage could of course be decaying love and affection in the present marriage, lack of spice in the relation and also problems like insecurity, physical or emotional distance, the husband’s infidelity etc.

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Cheating Wives | Cheating website

Cheating Wives Affairs Club

Although in marriage, every couple vows to remain loyal to each other throughout their lives, infidelity is unfortunately not very uncommon. Cheating wives are therefore a common phenomenon and there are some ways to understand if you are being cheated by your wife.

How many times have you heard people say “I think my wife is cheating on me” or “I think there is someone else in her life” out of frustration over cheating wives? Must be many, many times. Yes, indeed cheating is very common, and like men, women too can and often do cheat on their spouses.

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Reasons For Cheating Wives

There are several reasons why a woman may cheat on her husband. One of the most common reasons is if there is something amiss in the married life. Usually, cheating wives are looking for something extra, or something they do not get from their partners. In most cases, love, compassion and care help bind the two together. But if the husband has been rude or ill-behaved or has not cared about the sensitivities, sensibilities and needs of his wife, then the wife may be drawn towards illicit relationships.cheatingwivesclubimage

However, other reasons for becoming an infidel may include the lack of mutual love and respect or the gradual decay of these, losing interest in the spouse, falling for someone better looking or more successful, insecurity and lack of satisfaction. Sexual dissatisfaction may also create a distance between couples and this can result in cheating wives.

So what are the symptoms of such infidelity on the part of cheating wives? They can be of many types, but almost in all cases, it would include unusual behavioral changes or patterns. This may be accompanied by unusual times of returning home like late at night, not taking phone calls from the husband, too much intimacy with some male friend, hanging out with friends till late night and not returning home during some nights without even informing, coming back drunk and not telling anything about how the day went etc. Sometimes, cheating wives may become unusually sensitive and defensive while talking about infidelity in general or about a particular guy. They may also try to explain themselves unnecessarily after returning from visiting a male friend.

Can cheating wives still be loving and caring?

Cheating wives obviously destroy the souls of husbands who themselves are loving, loyal and caring spouses. After all, it is highly immoral to cheat on someone, especially if that person really loves you. All these things play on the minds of suspecting husbands, who even suffer from a sense of guilt for doubting their wives. But if they are clever enough to investigate or observe some patterns in their wives, then it can become clear if their suspicion was justified or not and it will help bring truth to the surface.

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Marital Affairs – Married Women Seeking Men

Marital Affairs Explained

Marital affairs occur because of the lack of ability to communicate effectively in a marriage. Unhappy marriages result in extra marital affairs and the reasons for it can be lack of sexual satisfaction to boredom in a marriage, but most of all marriages fail when the couple has compatibility issues.

Marital affairs arise due to many varied backgrounds in a marital setting. It is a challenge for the psychiatrists and the therapists to help people in a bad marriage as it is a very traumatic experience due to the many intricacies involved in the interpersonal relationships. Some of the reasons that could lead to either one or both the spouses having an affair include financial instability, feelings of insecurity in a marriage and having abusive partners. Sometimes what starts out to be a harmless and flirtatious fun could lead into an affair.

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Marital Affairs In The Work Place

At workplaces and other social settings there is an exposure to lots of people, places and cultures. People are inquisitive and curious to have new experiences which could be a very prominent reason for people having extra marital affairs. People tend to spend more time at work than at home and are influenced by the outside environment, and even before they know it they can be entrapped in an affair.maritalaffairsiteimage

An unsatisfied sex life can lead to extra marital affairs. In order to avoid social stigma or simply for the sake of convenience, the spouse may continue and try to keep the marriage safe. In other cases, a man may continue to love his wife but the lack of sexual satisfaction may drive him into having an affair to satisfy his sexual needs.

People tend to stick to unhappy marriages to provide their children a stable environment. In such marriages there is lack of intimacy among the couples. This often drives people to extra martial affairs where people tend to fulfil their need to be loved and the craving to be intimate with someone.

Marital affairs and marriage

People get into extra marital affairs just to end a marriage. Often when a partner gets bored in the marriage and cannot find a way to end a marriage with a divorce, he or she could use an extra marital affair as a way to provoke the other partner into initiating a split or divorce. One of the reasons for boredom to set in a marriage is the lack of physical attraction in a partner after many years of being in a marriage.

People who have a problem with committing to single person end up having martial affairs. Certain people by their very nature have a need to be with somebody other than their spouse. These people have affairs for the sake of seeking sexual adventures.

Today marital affairs are becoming increasingly common. What many people do not realise is that marriages are complex. They require constant work from both partners and they require people to change and evolve with time in order to accommodate each other. However, today people do not have the mindset they had a few decades ago. While a few decade back marital affairs existed only because a married man or women fell in true love post marriage, today they are based on many lesser meaningful occurrences. Let’s discuss a few reasons that make marital affairs so popular in today’s society.

Marital Affairs Tips

  • Low level of tolerance in married couples:

Believe it or not, marriage requires patience. Old couples might have mentioned to you time and again and you probably thought their words had no wisdom to them. But that’s not true. Fact is, over a few years when two people share a life together, they tend to take each other for granted. And this might leave one feeling unappreciated, unloved and uncared for. What is to understand is that marital affairs are not the only way to feel passionate and treasured once again. It is the easiest way though, and many couples today don’t have the time to take any other way but the easiest way they see.

  • Level of ambition in men and women:

Funny as it may sound, the growing careers of both men and women play an important role in the increase of marital affairs today. Today people do not have time to spend with their spouses. And this leads to many misunderstandings, many misgivings and lack of affection. He may be travelling half of the week and she may not get back home from work till 1:00am in the morning for the remaining week. When couples run after success and money, they often forget that marriages need time to become stronger. Instead, they give up on their marriage and turn to marital affairs that bring them instant gratification.

  • The never ending search for someone perfect:

Today, each and every human being believes they deserve nothing but the best. And they are right in doing so too. But can anyone really define the perfect man or the perfect woman? However, it doesn’t stop people from looking. Today marriage is no longer an institution that people swear by. Extra marital affairs are common because people believe there is still someone better out there for them and they refuse to let go of the search. After a few years the spark and the passion in a marriage starts to fail and men and women start searching for true love once again.

  • High expectations from life:

There is nothing wrong about expecting great things from life. However, when these expectations become impractical they can cause a lot of damage in a marriage. A man or a woman who desires more money, more success, and more fame will lose out on life’s precious moments simply because he or she was too busy running after something that can never be measured. This has led to many unhappy marriages, where the shunned partner turns to marital affairs in order to find acceptance and appreciation. And the funny part is, the partner who is overly ambitious also manages to have

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Wifelovers looking for men

Wifelovers marital affairs dating site

Wifelovers are an integral part of the married for married people scene. Wifelovers can be found on most professional married and dating websites but you will very rarely find wifelovers on your generic type of dating site. A wifelover is a person who is attracted to other peoples wives, this person can be a man or a woman, wifelovers fantasize about being with that person sexually and more than often if that other person is willing, the wifelover will be successful which will inevitably lead to a married affair between the two people.

Where can I find wifelovers?

If you are serious about joining a wifelover website or going searching for offline wife sharing groups, I would strongly advise the first of thosewifeloversimage two options. The simple reason why I would recommend joining a wife lover website is for the very simple reason that these types of groups tend to be secretive, especially if the people, both men and women, in the group happen to be married themselves and are searching for a married dating secret encounter. So the best way to go about finding other cheating wives, is to join a reputable dating site for married people looking to cheat.

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Are there many wifelovers websites?

The simple answer to this question is YES 🙂 There more wife sharing sites than you can join in a lifetime, the problem is that there are very few good and reliable ones. If you are looking to join a discreet and reliable wife lover website with millions of members than I have no hesitation recommending that you click here: married dating website. Its a world reknowned married dating website which caters to cheating wives specifically. Lets not forget…cheating can be alot of fun too. 🙂

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Married And Flirting Affairs Club

Married and flirting dating

When it comes to being married and flirting, married men and women are muchMarriedAndFlirtingaffair better at it than single men and women. One reason for this is the fact that a married man or woman has already been through the lows of dating rejection and the highs of acceptance and now that they are married they feel that they have conquered all those fears so they feel more secure and more comfortable to flirt openly with the opposite sex.

Married and flirting St louis – Being married and flirting is nothing new, whether it is a man working with a woman that he feels attracted to
subconsciously or one of his wives friends most of the time we are not aware that we do it. It just seems to come more naturally over time. The longer you have been married the better at flirting you become, there is no harm in this and most of the time it is quite innocent. However, there are married men and women who feel rejected by their partners and they can sometimes feel unwanted or unattractive and they feel incapable of flirting with anyone of the opposite sex.

Why do we love to be married and flirting?

Married and flirting utah – That is why more and more married men and women are turning towards the Internet, since the advent of online dating, it has become very easy for people to flirt online. There are a countless number of unhappily married men and women who are looking for the opportunity to meet someone new online with the prospect of having an affair. There are a great number of married women looking for affairs with married men and vice versa, there are dedicated forums, blogss and married online dating services who can help married individuals and single individuals to meet that special someone online.

Single people should take a leaf out of married dating books, they could learn the art about the dating war on an
improper way to flirt on and off line. For married people it just comes naturally they feel that they have nothing to
hide emus alter innovations and flirting to them is very easy when you have nothing better it also helps boost the ego of married people especially if they are unhappy we must not forget that married and flirting can of course be an indication that there’s something wrong inside the relationship this is not always the case however it has been proven that I’m more than one occasion that this is indeed the case.

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Married and flirting is exciting

Married and flirting dating website – If you are a married man or woman and you feel the need to flirt with a member of the opposite sex because you are attracted to them then maybe it’s time we consider having an affair if you do decide to have an affair with this personor with any other person the most important thing to remember is to make sure you sign up with a reputable company, a trustworthy online married dating site, these sites are in abundance on my is important to choose one that is safe and discreet.

Married and flirting can be great fun, I hghly advise it!

Married Woman dating married men

Married woman dating

Married Woman dating – We in our modern society do not like to talk about this subject matter, especially the men in our society. Why is that? Is it because they do not believe it happens or is it more that they know it happens but are unwilling to acknowledge the fact that lonely married women or even happily married women cheat on their husbands with other married men? Maybe if society turns a blind eye to it, it never happened and does not exist.

Of course, this is nonsense. 🙂 Us women married or otherwise, have been having affairs just as long as our partners have been. It is no big secret that a married woman dating has a sex drive way stronger than a mans, the only difference is that we women can control our sex dive a lot better. We are not willing to just jump in to bed with the first man we meet ( thats not to say that we have’nt 🙂 ), we take a more pragmatic approach to sleeping with a man, or dating a married man for that matter.


For a married woman who is seeking to have an affair, the safest option is to cheat on her partner with a man who is himself married. Why? because, you know exactly what you are getting into, the man is obviously looking for the exact same type of relationship as you, it makes things a lot less complicated.

In the movies, you always see the man having an affair with a woman, or a married man dating a woman, and it is always the woman who goes crazy, starts stalking the man and eventually trying to kill him. This is a complete falsehood, 9 times out of 10 it is the exact opposite. The man starts getting posessive and stalking us. We have way more control when it comes to situations like that, but anyway, the point is, if you are a married woman dating a married man, then you both know where each of you stands, you can concentrate on having a good time together rather than one or the other feeling used by the other.

Is married woman dating for me?

For all the men out there who want to date a married woman dating site, go for it, we are willing and more than able, in fact, most have us have been wondering where you are 🙂 . The bottom line is, that a married woman dating loves to have fun just as much as you guys do, so come on, do not be shy, we do not bite…much! 🙂

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