Extra marital affair

There was a time when marriage was one of the most sacred institutions in the society. Things like the extra marital affair were simply unheard of.  People believed that a marriage tied two souls for not just one lifetime, but many lifetimes all together. However, while it did mean that people respected their wedding vows and stayed married till the day they died, it also meant that many a times a woman would be trapped in a loveless, abusive marriage simply because the society frowned upon a marital affair. After that, came a time when the society progressed. Love and temptation did lead to many a marital affair but since the society had still not changed its views about an extra marital affair, these were secretive. Mostly, it was the men who looked for pleasure outside their marriage. Or sometimes, it was also the desire to have children when a man was stuck with a barren wife. However, a woman who had any kind of relation with a married man or a marital affair was still looked down upon and never truly accepted in the society.

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The society and the extra marital affair

As the world progressed, the society could no longer refuse the existence of the extra marital affair site. As more and more women stepped extramaritalaffairwebsiteout of the house and started having a career of their own, more and more marriages started disintegrating. There is no one reason that leads to a marital affair. A couple who might have just fallen out of love with one another can look for love outside their marriage. A couple who never get time to spend together because of their hectic jobs can find love in unaccepted places. Sometimes, a marital affair is not about love at all. It’s about rebelling against your spouse because he or she isn’t spending enough time with you. While the society is quote aware that these kinds of affairs exist, they remain a secret till date.

An extra marital affair date

Today, almost half the marriages that happen every year in the world disintegrate within two years. Sometimes the couple is not compatible but more often than not, it is the temptation of a extra marital affair dating that ruins a marriage. Today, both men and women who are looking for a successful career and aiming to reach high in life actually look out for a married partner. The reason is simple – A married partner is going to be less demanding about time and space. Someone who is married will not expect too much attention, never have too much time and will never become a serious distraction from work. This makes a marital affair even more appealing. There was a time when women would only look for a relationship because they wanted to settle down and get married. Today, the scenario has changed a lot. A married women looking extra marital affair is the perfect way to get companionship, good company and a person who liked spending time with you without ever getting married. In fact, a single man might pose a trouble for an ambitious woman because he might want to tie her down with marriage or extra marital affair and kids. A marital affair offers her a certain kind of freedom, that allows her to give her hundred percent to her career.


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