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Marital Affairs Explained

Marital affairs occur because of the lack of ability to communicate effectively in a marriage. Unhappy marriages result in extra marital affairs and the reasons for it can be lack of sexual satisfaction to boredom in a marriage, but most of all marriages fail when the couple has compatibility issues.

Marital affairs arise due to many varied backgrounds in a marital setting. It is a challenge for the psychiatrists and the therapists to help people in a bad marriage as it is a very traumatic experience due to the many intricacies involved in the interpersonal relationships. Some of the reasons that could lead to either one or both the spouses having an affair include financial instability, feelings of insecurity in a marriage and having abusive partners. Sometimes what starts out to be a harmless and flirtatious fun could lead into an affair.

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Marital Affairs In The Work Place

At workplaces and other social settings there is an exposure to lots of people, places and cultures. People are inquisitive and curious to have new experiences which could be a very prominent reason for people having extra marital affairs. People tend to spend more time at work than at home and are influenced by the outside environment, and even before they know it they can be entrapped in an affair.maritalaffairsiteimage

An unsatisfied sex life can lead to extra marital affairs. In order to avoid social stigma or simply for the sake of convenience, the spouse may continue and try to keep the marriage safe. In other cases, a man may continue to love his wife but the lack of sexual satisfaction may drive him into having an affair to satisfy his sexual needs.

People tend to stick to unhappy marriages to provide their children a stable environment. In such marriages there is lack of intimacy among the couples. This often drives people to extra martial affairs where people tend to fulfil their need to be loved and the craving to be intimate with someone.

Marital affairs and marriage

People get into extra marital affairs just to end a marriage. Often when a partner gets bored in the marriage and cannot find a way to end a marriage with a divorce, he or she could use an extra marital affair as a way to provoke the other partner into initiating a split or divorce. One of the reasons for boredom to set in a marriage is the lack of physical attraction in a partner after many years of being in a marriage.

People who have a problem with committing to single person end up having martial affairs. Certain people by their very nature have a need to be with somebody other than their spouse. These people have affairs for the sake of seeking sexual adventures.

Today marital affairs are becoming increasingly common. What many people do not realise is that marriages are complex. They require constant work from both partners and they require people to change and evolve with time in order to accommodate each other. However, today people do not have the mindset they had a few decades ago. While a few decade back marital affairs existed only because a married man or women fell in true love post marriage, today they are based on many lesser meaningful occurrences. Let’s discuss a few reasons that make marital affairs so popular in today’s society.

Marital Affairs Tips

  • Low level of tolerance in married couples:

Believe it or not, marriage requires patience. Old couples might have mentioned to you time and again and you probably thought their words had no wisdom to them. But that’s not true. Fact is, over a few years when two people share a life together, they tend to take each other for granted. And this might leave one feeling unappreciated, unloved and uncared for. What is to understand is that marital affairs are not the only way to feel passionate and treasured once again. It is the easiest way though, and many couples today don’t have the time to take any other way but the easiest way they see.

  • Level of ambition in men and women:

Funny as it may sound, the growing careers of both men and women play an important role in the increase of marital affairs today. Today people do not have time to spend with their spouses. And this leads to many misunderstandings, many misgivings and lack of affection. He may be travelling half of the week and she may not get back home from work till 1:00am in the morning for the remaining week. When couples run after success and money, they often forget that marriages need time to become stronger. Instead, they give up on their marriage and turn to marital affairs that bring them instant gratification.

  • The never ending search for someone perfect:

Today, each and every human being believes they deserve nothing but the best. And they are right in doing so too. But can anyone really define the perfect man or the perfect woman? However, it doesn’t stop people from looking. Today marriage is no longer an institution that people swear by. Extra marital affairs are common because people believe there is still someone better out there for them and they refuse to let go of the search. After a few years the spark and the passion in a marriage starts to fail and men and women start searching for true love once again.

  • High expectations from life:

There is nothing wrong about expecting great things from life. However, when these expectations become impractical they can cause a lot of damage in a marriage. A man or a woman who desires more money, more success, and more fame will lose out on life’s precious moments simply because he or she was too busy running after something that can never be measured. This has led to many unhappy marriages, where the shunned partner turns to marital affairs in order to find acceptance and appreciation. And the funny part is, the partner who is overly ambitious also manages to have

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