Married woman dating

Married Woman dating – We in our modern society do not like to talk about this subject matter, especially the men in our society. Why is that? Is it because they do not believe it happens or is it more that they know it happens but are unwilling to acknowledge the fact that lonely married women or even happily married women cheat on their husbands with other married men? Maybe if society turns a blind eye to it, it never happened and does not exist.

Of course, this is nonsense. :-) Us women married or otherwise, have been having affairs just as long as our partners have been. It is no big secret that a married woman dating has a sex drive way stronger than a mans, the only difference is that we women can control our sex dive a lot better. We are not willing to just jump in to bed with the first man we meet ( thats not to say that we have’nt :-) ), we take a more pragmatic approach to sleeping with a man, or dating a married man for that matter.


For a married woman who is seeking to have an affair, the safest option is to cheat on her partner with a man who is himself married. Why? because, you know exactly what you are getting into, the man is obviously looking for the exact same type of relationship as you, it makes things a lot less complicated.

In the movies, you always see the man having an affair with a woman, or a married man dating a woman, and it is always the woman who goes crazy, starts stalking the man and eventually trying to kill him. This is a complete falsehood, 9 times out of 10 it is the exact opposite. The man starts getting posessive and stalking us. We have way more control when it comes to situations like that, but anyway, the point is, if you are a married woman dating a married man, then you both know where each of you stands, you can concentrate on having a good time together rather than one or the other feeling used by the other.

Is married woman dating for me?

For all the men out there who want to date a married woman dating site, go for it, we are willing and more than able, in fact, most have us have been wondering where you are :-) . The bottom line is, that a married woman dating loves to have fun just as much as you guys do, so come on, do not be shy, we do not bite…much! :-)

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